"In September 2008, I started to work on the Book "HOW I USED YOUR CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR THIS BOOK ONLINE". I have written the book together with a collegue who prefers to stay anonymous and it describes what the title promises.
The book has been paid for and sent out to 100 people in late Januar 2009 in 3 european countries. Each book is personaly signed and numbered by me, I will not produce an more copies, so if ou wish to know the content you will need to find one of the 92 people that still have the book.. Among the 100 consignees of the book:

  • 2 of the books did nor reach theyr address and returned to me, the 9,90 USD have been returned to theyr account.
  • 6 have not acceptet the parcel and I have creditet them the 9,90 USD including shipping
  • 10 have asked for an immediate refund and I have refunded the money (they have kept the book)
  • 14 have reacted somewhat angry but accepted after some explanations, to keep the book.
  • 22 have been happy to receive the book
  • 2 have sent me letters from theyr laywers (update)
  • 44 have not reacted yet.

April 12, 2009: at an exhibition in Berlin I meet the first person that has received the book, he was very happy about it and asked me if I have more of them (I dont)
April 12, 2009: I received an offer of 200 Euros for a book !
April 28, 2009: by now one month later, I have received 2 letters from lawyers, one from Germany, one from the USA. I cost me arround 1000 Euros each to settle with theyr clients"


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