Not dead yet: MS Zune!

I really thought this thing was now a legend; that we, 30 or-so years old geeks would tell to our children, when Apple and Steve Jobs will rule the world in a few years.

But it is still here, alive and trying to kick (again) the iPod dominance... Microsoft has announced the evolution of it's mp3-media-stuff player: the Zune.
To be released next fall, the device will feature an OLED touch screen, high-definition video output (with an optional add-on), a version of Internet Explorer, which uses the core IE6 engine but adds Flash support, as well as some technology from IE8 to better support JavaScript, and HD Radio.

For us europeans, I really think the Zune HD should be the next gizmo-to-have, as the first Zune was not released here. More a fashion accessory than the iPod/Phone?


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